Founded over forty years ago as a Southern California based manufacturer, GlobaLux is the source of a broad range of lighting products with uncompromising emphasis on energy efficiency, superior materials and optical performance.

Global manufacturing facilities and component sourcing have enabled us to develop a wide range of specification grade lighting products. Today, GlobaLux not only provides great quality products, but can offer them in a range of cost efficient options with short lead-times.

Through our network of suppliers, in-house lighting engineers, and flexible low cost assembly operation, GlobaLux can provide cost efficient, turnkey lighting solutions for most residential and commercial lighting projects. Our product offering includes a comprehensive assortment of residential and commercial fluorescents, a diverse selection of Compact Fluorescent & LED fixtures, the most popular HID, Emergency/ Exit, and lamps to round out a complete project package.

Value Engineering Specified Packages - We are crossing and closing more specified packages than ever before, as virtually every job is under pressure to meet lower budgets. We continue to add products that are excellent substitutes to today’s most specified fixtures.

Quick Turnaround on “A items and variants” - Our new Hot Sheet pricing, increased finished goods, component inventories and improved factory efficiencies enable our customers to rely on GlobaLux to service their jobs swiftly with competitive pricing.

As part of our commitment to meeting all the requirements presented to us by our growing list of customers, GlobaLux has achieved full compliance with the Buy American Act (1933) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009). These acts contain “Buy American Provisions” that have certain restrictions regarding where goods or supplies for public use or purchased with public funding may be made. Our compliance ensures that we can fulfill any and all lighting assignments.


Today every fixture has literally thousands of potential options. Today’s products offer more options than ever before from different ballasts, starting methods and ballasts factors, to switching and sensor options, to different wiring and mounting options, Our team will work with our production lines to make sure we manufacture exactly the right lighting fixture for your project. We encourage and help you find the specific combination of options to make the fixture the right light for your application. From selecting specific ballasts to adding reflectors, sensors, switches, cords or lamps, we are capable of mass customization suited to your project.

GlobaLux strives to use the right ballast for every project. To meet your project’s exact specifications,
GlobaLux can provide the brand and ballast of your choice.