/ LVTS- Bi-Level LED Vapor Tight Strip

LVTS- Bi-Level LED Vapor Tight Strip

The LVTS series is a next generation LED Vapor Tight fixture that provides maximum light output with durable construction. It is ideal featuring a one piece polycarbonate housing and lens. The LVTS was designed to meet or exceed IES recommended foot-candle levels at installed heights for parking garages. Ideal for utility lighting, parking garages and stairwells; where meeting applicable building and safety codes is required. Part of the Globalux family of LED Smart lighting fixtures featuring integral dimming drivers and occupancy sensors which maximize energy savings by intelligently managing illumination levels to avoid wasted watts. The system maximizes energy savings by offering bi-level lighting, which maintains minimum illumination levels when the application areas are empty.




  • High-transmission Frosted Polycarbonate Lens.
  • Direct replacement for fluorescent.
  • DesignLights Consortium Qualified luminaire.
  • Full distribution LED Luminaire.
  • Stainless Steel Latches are standard.
  • Long life, 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 reduce lift cycle maintenance costs.
  • Controlled by an integral occupancy sensor/daylight harvesting sensor to reduce light output to either 10% or 50% of full output when the area is unoccupied. Sensor includes an adjustable time delay, and daylight sensor.Battery backup available for emergency egress applications.



UV stabilized, injection molded, impact resistant, polycarbonate housing. 20 gauge steel channel cover, highly efficient lens effectively reduces LED pixilation.


Quick mounting clips included. Suitable for suspension or surface mounting.


Equipped standard with fixed output driver. Optional 0-10V continuous dimming driver that works with any standard 0-10V control/dimmer. Long-Life LED’s 60,000 hours at L80 with projected life over 100,000 hours for reduced life cycle maintenance costs Luminaire can be ceiling or suspend mounted. Power connection is easily accommodated through pre-drilled holes at each end, watertight plugs ship standard on each end.


All luminaires are built to UL 1598 and 2108 standards, and bear appropriate ETL labels. Wet location labeling is standard. Ingress protection IP65 Standard. Emergency equipped fixtures labeled UL924. Adheres to LM70, LM80, and TM21 industry standards.


5-year limited warranty. See complete warranty for terms and exclusions. (Labor not included).


LVTS Dimensions

LVTS- Bi-Level Dimensions

LVTS Dimensions

LVTS Dimensions



48” Housing
40- 40W (4000 Lumens)¹ ²
52- 52W (5200 Lumens)²
96” Housing
68- 68W (6800 Lumens)
104-104W (11400 Lumens)

MVD- 120-277V;
0-10V Dimming²
0-10V Dimming

840 - 80 CRI; 4000 Kelvin¹ ²
850 - 80 CRI; 5000 Kelvin²

MOSB- Bi-Level Microwave Sensor⁴

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