/ LCD- Bi-Level LED Center Basket

LCD- Bi-Level LED Center Basket

The new GlobaLux LED Architectural LCD’s fixture adopts the latest in optical and LED technology for use in many commercial applications. The LCD provides a very pleasant volumetric soft light that fills any interior space giving it a larger, brighter, and more productive ambiance and will be the perfect fit for any commercial or institutional application. Designed to lay in drop ceilings in offices, schools and healthcare application. The LCD Series is fully dimmable and are compatible with building controls, motion sensors, and daylight harvesting systems. The design of the LCD series panels produces an even and consistent shadow-less light. The LED’s enable long life, high lumen maintenance, high CRI, are low maintenance, and constructed without hazardous materials. Part of the Globalux family of LED Smart lighting fixtures featuring integral drivers and occupancy sensors which maximize energy savings by intelligently managing illumination levels to avoid wasted watts. The system maximizes energy savings by offering bi-level lighting,which maintains minimum illumination levels when the application areas are empty.




  • All reflective surfaces are finished after fabrication with high reflectivity white paint for uniform illumination.
  • Enclosed high efficiency lens provides visual comfort and high performance without pixelation.
  • Equipped standard with a 0-10V continuous dimming driver that works with any standard 0-10V control/dimmer.
  • Low W/ft2 ratio typically meets most restrictive lighting power density codes.
  • Long life, 60,000 hour LEDs at L80 reduce life cycle maintenance costs.
  • Controlled by an integral occupancy sensor/daylight harvesting sensor to reduce light output to either 10% or 50% of full output when the area is unoccupied. Sensor includes an adjustable time delay, and daylight sensor.Battery backup available for emergency egress applications.



Rugged construction, solid die formed,cold-rolled steel housing. All surfaces powder coated after fabrication. Frosted acrylic diffuser provides even consistent light while reducing glare.


Suitable for recessed mounting within T-Bar grid.


Equipped standard with 0-10V continuous dimming driver that works with any standard 0-10V control/dimmer. Long-Life LED’s 60,000 hours at L80 with projected life over 100,000 hours for reduced life cycle maintenance costs.


All luminaires are built to UL 1598 and 2108 standards, and bear appropriate ETL labels. Damp location labeling is standard. Emergency equipped fixtures labeled UL924. Adheres to LM70, LM80, and TM21 industry standards.


5-year limited warranty. See complete warranty for terms and exclusions. (Labor not included).


LCD Dimensions

LCD Dimensions

LCD-22 Dimensions

LCD-22 OUT-LOOK Dimensions

LCD-22 Dimensions

LCD-22 Dimensions

LCD-24 Dimensions

LCD-24 Dimensions



22-2’x2’² Housing
24- 2’x4’² Housing

2x2 Housing
40- 40W 3900 Lumens²
26- 26W 3100 Lumens¹ ³
2x4 Housing
52- 52W 5200 Lumens²
42-42W 5400 Lumens¹ ³

MVD- 120-277V; 0-10V Dimming²
HVD-347-480V, 0-10V Dimming

835 - 80 CRI;
3500 Kelvin¹ ²
840 - 80 CRI;
4000 Kelvin²
850 - 80 CRI;
5000 Kelvin¹ ²

MOSB- Bi-Level Microwave Sensor Kelvin⁴

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