UC5- T5 Undercabinet

The UC5 is ideal for under cabinet or display lighting where a compact luminaire design is required. The UC5 provides shadow free lighting in kitchens, work areas, book cases, and display cabinets.



  • Snap-fit, shatter-resistant, milk-white polycarbonate diffuser.
  • Low profile.
  • Easy installation and maintenance no tools required for re-lamping.
  • Available in eight lengths with T5 lamp source.
  • Options for rocker switch, convenience outlets, bulbs and cords.
  • Standard with electronic ballast (120V, 60Hz) ensures no flickering and quiet operation without interfering with other home electronics.
  • Post painted, solid metal housings.

UC5 Dimensions


9- 9” (1) 6W T5¹
12- 12” (1) 8W T5¹
21- 21” (1) 13W T5¹
24- 24” (2) 8W T5¹
33- 33” (1) 8W T5 & (1) 13W T¹
34- 34” (1) 21W T5¹
42- 42” (2) 13W T5¹
46- 46” (1) 28W T5¹

L741- 4100K Lamps Factory Installed¹
L735- 3500K Lamps Factory Installed¹

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